Safety is a key organizational focus at Acres Enterprises.

Safety procedures and processes are shared with all members of the team through a comprehensive occupational health and safety (OH&S) program, which is reviewed quarterly by the company’s joint health and safety committee.

Acres enforces safe work procedures and hazard assessments, communicated between management, employees and subcontractors, throughout each project. These procedures are also posted on site, daily. Any hazards identified are well documented and controls are put in place to mitigate future incidents.

Additionally, on-site managers hold daily “tool-box” meetings with workers and results of those meetings are collected and monitored by one or more of the company’s certified construction safety officers. Ongoing issues and/or hazards are addressed with Acres’ occupational health and safety committee to ensure safe work practices are followed.


All new employees are given a safety indoctrination and site specific orientation.

Other employee safety processes and training include:

Our extensive OH&S program has repeatedly earned COR Certification through WorkSafe BC.

In addition, Acres has earned PICS Certification, an industry required prequalify rating based on: safety, financial capacity, reputation, experience, management capacity, quality, insurance, and bondability.